Car storage and cargo expedition by Hert Transport

Car Storage

Hert Transport has become the most trusted provider of all your Cargo Expedition and car delivery service needs. When it comes to car storage, Hert Transport is among the best in that area too. From Europe to Russia, Hert Transport can meet all your Cargo Expedition and storage needs. We pride ourselves in knowing what the customer expects from us.

Consequently for over 25 years we’ve been providing first class cargo transport and car storage solutions to meet any demands. Based Helsinki and Tallinn, Estonia, we serve all of Europe and Russia.

Convenient Cargo Expedition at a Reasonable Price

The Hert Transport family began with 3 brothers working together to provide quality service at an affordable price. Evolving to becoming the leading freight transport service provider has shown us how to build lasting relationships with customers. This is what it takes to rise above the average, and Hert Transport will go the extra distance to serve. We understand what it means to put our customers first. Just as you’ve come to expect top rate car transport solutions, our car storage facilities offer everything you need. However, unlike the rest, we won’t break the bank doing it. Expert service with value in mind has always been important to us. We want customers for life as we consider you as our family. We know providing all your car storage needs at a reasonable price is what that takes. Being the leading logistics company, we can provide you with solutions for any car delivery service and car storage needs.

Get Only the Best in Cargo Expedition and Storage

Hert Transport has been serving all of Europe and Russia for over 25 years. We are known as one of the leading cargo expedition and cargo transport service provider. We’ve learned that making you feel safe with your car storage needs is important while solving your vehicle transportation requirements. That’s why all of our car storage facilities are designed with your safety in mind. Our car storage, car delivery and car transport services offer first class solutions to meet all your needs. We make you feel secure that your car storage needs will be handled with extraordinary care. This is what sets us above the rest. Sleep at night with peace of mind as we’re there to store your car, it’s going to be safe.  We treat our customers with pride and a lot of care. It’s because we keep their cars safe and secure from the moment they enter our hands until the very end. We’ve become the leading vehicle transportation services because we care.

Convenient Car Storage Solutions for Every Situation

Hert Transport is synonymous with first rate service at a reasonable price, from cargo expedition to freight transport. We know our customers have come to rely on us to provide solutions to all their car storage needs too. From short term storage to long term storage, we have the ability to meet your needs. Multiple cars? Not a problem! Hert Transport is considered one of the leaders among logistics companies in Europe. Therefore you can be confident that we’re capable to meet any type of car storage needs you may have. We offer a wide variety of services to meet your needs. Trust Hert Transport to take care of all your storage needs with the value you’ve come to expect.  You’re in good hands when you let Hert Transport serve all your shipping and storage needs.