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Are you looking for a way to send your package within Europe or United Stats? Are you looking for cheap prices the carrier companies that offer high quality service? Hert Transport will help you if you send us your carrier service request on the right and we will answer you within minutes.
Hert Transport is home to complete cargo expedition solutions. We present cargo transport solutions in Helsinki, the US, and Europe.
Road freight transport presently forms major parts of our car delivery offer. Nonetheless, we blow away all jargon to offer car transport services, especially in Europe.
From our history of excellent car delivery service, we have managed to earn a solid customer base.
Our team of professional transporters narrows down to specific client requirements, finding the solution that best suits them.

With the help of Hert Transport you can send your package to anywhere in Europe or United States. We operate mainly in Estonia, but offer our services in Finland, Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France and many other countries.
When sending your package you do not have to communicate to any automatic machines. Instead you will be given a personal logistician who will answer all of your question and will keep you updated with everything related to the journey of your package.
If you have any additional questions or there is something that is unclear please let us know trough the contact form on the right and we will answer you immediately.

4 Core Factors Determining the Cost of Cargo Expedition

Distance between the point of pickup and the destination is the top determining factor for any car delivery service. A bigger distance translates to more fuel, high tire wear and tear, time, and manpower. Hert Transport has implemented one of the best auto-calculators in the industry. We will give you an accurate, fair, and competitive price in line with the distance.

The amount of weight is a crucial factor for logistic companies providing vehicle transportation services. Weight, just like distance, determines the amount of fuel that will be consumed. As a vehicle transportation services provider, we will also like to meet weight station requirements.

Heavier vehicles will translate to higher rates, while lighter ones will be cheaper.

You have complete freedom to choose transportation mode of your vehicle. The majority of clients here at Hert Transport opt for open transport. This means that the vehicle is exposed to the atmosphere. You may have probably experienced new vehicles delivered to dealerships through this means. Open car transport is cheaper.

Alternatively, some of our clients opt for enclosed transit. The mode is more lucrative and recommended for delicate cargo that risk being affected by sun, rain, or dust. Enclosed freight transport is significantly costly. The higher cost is due to the fact that enclosed transportation trucks take more space.

The cargo length and height are also important cargo expedition costdeterminers. The average length for a vehicle set for an expedition is 186 inches. That is the average length of vehicle Hert Transport handles from time to time. When the length gets above 196 inches, the demand for experts is necessary. And when the length is above 200 inches, expert handling is compulsory. It requires delicate upload to transit trucks and top-notch navigation on narrow roads with many bends. Therefore, its cost will be significantly higher. The height of vehicles also does vary. While the height of SUV vehicles is between 67 to 73, the height of Sedan is 57. A high vehicle height translates to a high cost of transit.

Why Hert Transport

Cargo expedition seems a daunting task to many. We make it easier. We conduct car delivery straight to your door. Our team of experienced and professionals will deliver the cargo to your destination.

A major drawing line for major logistic companies is timely delivery. For 24 years now, we’ve experience of getting cargo where it needs to be when it is expected to be.

No matter the kind of cargo, we will figure it out. Exotic vehicles, motorcycles, SUVs, boats, etc., whatever your cargo expedition needs, we will figure something out. Above all, we assure you that your vehicles will be delivered while maintaining the international safety standards.