Cargo Expedition by Hert Transport

Welcome to Hert Transport’s story, an epicenter of cargo expedition in Europe, the United States, Russia, Helsinki, and Tallinn. So glad you’re here. Hert Transport is home to a safe and reliable car delivery service and cargo expedition. Created through experience and passion for cargo expedition, we have superior and unique know-how in the freight transport industry.  No wonder we are presented among the top logistic companies in Europe. We take the interest of our clients with the utmost keenness and tailor our service to suit their needs. Presently, we have a team of 10 car transport team.

Cargo expedition by Hert Transport

Our History

We’ve been performing cargo expeditions since 1994. Hert Transport’s super-eye for detail saw us incorporate low-floor transport trucks and other innovative technology like ro-ro shipments.  The company expanded rapidly thanks to the stout passion and innovative car delivery.

Our Service Area

Our team provides exemplary vehicle transportation services in Helsinki and Tallinn. And for the two decades, we expanded market share to cater to customer demand across Europe, the US, and Russia. As one of the top logistic companies relied upon for cargo transport, we’ve a deep understanding of responsibility begotten to us. We are keen to keep the environment clean and to keep on providing outstanding freight transport services.

Hert Transport - Why choose us for cargo expeditions?

Be in control of your cargo expeditions straight from the time of booking to when you’ll have it. The Hert transport online system has fields that let users input needed transport details and even make payment. All car delivery trucks have transmitters, GPS trackers, and mobile connectivity. Our clients will effectively know the location of their cargo on any road. 

Hert Transport has decades of car delivery service experience. It started in Estonia in the cities of Helsinki and Tallinn. The company has since grown to be relied upon across Europe, Russia, and the United States. We have sound financial management that has seen us remain afloat despite the changing economic times. Ever since we started, we use a value-based approach that has been core to a solid customer base. We start with a good relationship with our clients and later deliver quality services.

Our passion and professionalism are a guarantee for unmatched services. We have a team dedicated employees in the field of vehicle transportation services. With all the technical know-how, this ensures your desire is met flawlessly. Above all, we strive for perfection! Whatever your cargo transport need is, we give our best in serving you.

All activities will be performed according to the CMR Convention, which among other things limit the liability (up to SDR 8.33 per gross weight) of the company for damages to, loss or delay of cargo and give us the right to withhold the goods at our disposal as guarantee that the costs of ordered services and freight charges will be paid. Whilst UK internal haulages valid version of RHA Conditions of Carriage are applied.