Cargo Expedition in Helsinki, Finland

Amazing Cargo Expedition Services by Hert-Transport in Helsinki

Welcome to the Hert-Transport, one of the greatest logistics companies in Europe and Russia. We offer the highest quality vehicle transportation services on the market. Hert-Transport was founded over three decades ago, and we have offered quality cargo expedition ever since day one. Though we began as a small business, over time our successful freight transports have gained us a loyal customer base. As Helsinki’s best car delivery provider, we promise to always move your vehicles safely and within no time. 

Cargo Expedition by Hert Transport

Car Delivery Service Drivers

Hert-Transport at Helsinki only hires the best drivers for our cargo expedition. It is because we know how important it is to deliver your vehicles safely. They’re vetted thoroughly before they are ever allowed on the road with the transport trucks, guaranteeing your automobiles stay safe. We follow up with our employees for every step of the freight transport process to make sure no issues arise. Our drivers have much experience with large trucks and trailers, and carefully navigate your vehicles. In other words, they make it to the cargo transport drop-off site completely unharmed. 

Cargo Expedition Vehicles

Our cargo transport vehicles are very safe for your automobiles and are easy to drive for our qualified employees. We perform regular vehicle inspections to make sure our transport trucks are roadworthy to use for vehicle transportation services. Our truck sizes range from one-car transport vehicles to ten-car transporters. Hence one can say that each of these trucks is very stable, so your car won’t move around during transit. 

Cargo Expedition by Hert-Transport at Helsinki

Most Secured Cargo Expedition

A concern we hear a lot from potential customers is whether or not their car will remain secure while in our Helsinki car delivery service. You can rest assured that we’ll keep your automobiles safe from damage and theft the entire time they’re with us. One of the measures we take to keep your automobiles safe is securing them properly onto the truck. Our loading staff is well trained. Most importantly they know exactly how to tie down your vehicle so it does not move while in cargo transport. Our drivers also make periodic checks of their cargo’s security to be sure nothing has shifted or been tampered with. Therefore there’s no need to worry about our car delivery service. We’ll keep your precious cargo safe.

Partners and Other Information

While we provide the highest-quality transportation service, we also know we can’t do it alone. We partner with other quality companies to be sure every aspect of our cargo expedition runs smoothly. Some of our partners are GEFCO, Lohr, and AS24. They help us with various functions such as making sure we’ve secure transactions and the highest quality car transport vehicles.

Why Choose Hert Transport in Helsinki?

As one of the logistics companies that provide the highest-quality service, we would love to have you as our customer. We will work with you and try to make your cargo expedition a positive experience in every way. Please contact us as soon as possible to gain access to premium car delivery.