Car Trade and cargo expedition by Hert Transport

Car Ordering

Ordering a car online doesn’t have to be as tricky as it seems. It is possible to get lost in the idea that ordering a car in an online store is difficult because you’re unsure how to get a car to your location. We can help. By providing a site where customers get to order the vehicles they want to buy, it becomes our responsibility to take care of the cars and transport them to the customer after they order a car through us.

Hert is currently providing car trade services to several areas of Europe, including Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, and Belgium, and wishes to expand to the rest of the world in time.

 It can help ensure that anyone on the planet can utilize the best services out there if the need arises. Once a customer decides what car they wish to buy, they begin following several processes to get in-person access to their vehicles without spending large premiums on transportation fees that don’t ensure the car will arrive in good condition anyway. Ordering a car is made that simple and affordable.

Car order form

Operational address: Tähe tn 98 Tartu Tartumaa 50107

Legal address: Sireli tn 5-1 Põlva, Põlva 63303

Registry code: 10254061

VAT no: EE100027093 

The steps to order a car through us

Acknowledging the car to order through us

There is a requirement to fill a form for the car. This form has details on where it’s going and how employees should handle it. Location is an essential thing here as there are limited cities where Hert operates. A car can be transported to the major cities without any trouble, but for more inaccessible areas, you may contact our customer support. Hert is very selective with its location as it operated in major cities of Scandinavian Countries. After filling the application form, our customer care representative will get in touch with you. There is also going to be possible mention of the potential risks that might occur.

Usually, it’s about the dangers that could be present while transporting the car, and there will be an agreement on how to handle the situation whether the risk is to occur or not. If a car is ordered from a country other than your own and while being delivered to your place it may have to face various risks, in that case, one of our representatives would inform the customer of all the possible risks. The stakes are usually minor and often stem from information a customer might have been reluctant to share.

Presentation of the car after ordering a car

Once our employees have informed whether they can transport a particular car, they will find the vehicle and inform a customer that it is in their possession. Let’s say the car is traveling from your desired dealership to your homeland. Employees thoroughly inspect the motor vehicle to see if it is in quality condition before telling you about their vehicle possession. After, the customer will have to look at the car to decide whether the vehicle acquired is the car they wanted.

What else to consider

Look, there are so many options to go for so you can get car trading services, but why not order a car through us. The thing that distinguishes us from all those others is at least now you know that Hert is a more practical approach. It is a more pragmatic approach than others, mainly because you already know how well we’ll work for you. There is no need to gamble more time to find the right car trading services. Contact us and order a car through us.