Planning a Cargo Expedition in Helsinki or Internationally? Don’t worry. We’re Here! Here at Hert Transport, we give vehicle transportation services across the US, Helsinki, Russia, and most parts in Europe.  We have 24 years experience in car delivery. Our team of professional transporters is renowned and experienced for transporting to thousands of happy clients. 

We do freight transport using either open-sided or enclosed car carriers. While we recommend open car transport for less delicate vehicles, closed carriers is recommended for delicate vehicles. This way, they will be free from harsh climatic conditions like sunlight and rain, or dust. 

A cargo Expedition that Suits You

Hert transport presents door to door, and terminal to terminal, car delivery service.  We normally presume that orders made with Hert Transport are based on door to door delivery. Except where otherwise noted, our team will conduct the car delivery to your home, office or place of residence.  We have experienced situations where door to door cargo transport is limited. Maybe the town’s administration does not allow oversized vehicles, or the client’s residence has narrow streets. In such cases, our team will communicate to you. Together, we will figure an alternative delivery terminal or site. 

Terminal to Terminal Car Shipping

Some clients prefer terminal to terminal cargo transport where your cargo is stored in a regional storage facility. If your cargo expedition involves long distance, this is the best option for you as it is versatile. All the more, your cargo is stored before and after pick-off with terminal to terminal delivery.  Consult with our team, and get to know the best cargo car delivery service option for you in Helsinki. Apart from tat we’re there to deliver you vehicle anywhere in the US, Russia and Europe.

Three Steps Needed for Cargo Expedition with Hert Transport

1. Get a quote and order cargo expedition online.

Know the quote of your cargo transport with ease. On our website, click on the ‘Request an Offer’ button! Fill through the required fields. Input the place, destination, and your phone number. In the more information field, you can state the type of cargo you want transported. The Hert Transport will use this information to give fair, competitive, and affordable prices. After clearing the quote, sit back and relax as we move on to the next step. 

2. Communication from our team.

Our team will reach out to you. You will be given a time on when to expert the cargo expedition. The team will not deliver unexpected but you’ll have the contacts of the delivery team. On every step of the way, we’ll keep you posted. You will have the liberty to contact the delivery team and know the state of your cargo. All Hert Transport trucks have radio transmitters, GPS trackers, and mobile connectivity. 

3. The car delivery service gets to you

The cargo finally gets to you. Ensure you check for any damage, which seldom happens. When all is set, it is time to fill through the paperwork, or take digital photos and everything will be well set. Cargo expedition is simple with Hert Transport. You can count on our car transport ability to have your cargo delivered with speed. 


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Car Transport

Transport services and cargo expedition by Hert Transport
Transport services and cargo expedition by Hert Transport
If you’ve ever wanted to transport your car from one country to another and you never knew where to start with the car hauling or driving process, don’t worry; this is where to start. We offer you the service of car hauling currently within Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Sweden, Germany,

Car Storage

Car storage and cargo expedition by Hert Transport
Car storage and cargo expedition by Hert Transport
Hert Transport has become the most trusted provider of all your freight transport and car delivery service needs. We can store your vehicle too. From Europe to Russia, Hert Transport can organize the transport and help with your storage needs. Consequently for over 25 years

Truck Repair

Car Repair and cargo expedition by Hert Transport
Car Repair and cargo expedition by Hert Transport
Hert Transport offers complete truck repair services with a value close to heart in Tartu, Riia 136d.Not just the best when it comes to car delivery service and freight transport, we’re a logistics company that truly does it all. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Car Ordering

Car Trade and cargo expedition by Hert Transport
Car Trade and cargo expedition by Hert Transport
Ordering a car online doesn’t have to be as tricky as it seems. It is possible to get lost in the idea that ordering a car in an online store is difficult because you’re unsure how to get a car to your location. We can help. By providing a site where customers get to order the vehicles

Carrier Service

Cargo expedition by Hert Transport
Cargo expedition by Hert Transport
Transporting cargo can be quite tricky without a third-party offering service. It is especially true for individuals or small businesses. For those looking for a way to transport heavy cargo in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, and Belgium,

Delivery Insurance

All activities will be performed according to the CMR Convention, which among other things limit the liability (up to SDR 8.33 per gross weight) of the company for damages to, loss or delay of cargo and give us the right to withhold the goods at our disposal as guarantee that the costs of ordered services and freight charges will be paid. Whilst UK internal haulages valid version of RHA Conditions of Carriage are applied.

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