As our cargo expedition services gained a huge market share, we entrenched co-operation bonds with some companies. The trust and ties with these companies enable us to deliver flexible and quality car- delivery services to our clients. The main goal of Hert Transport is to offer cargo expedition with safety and speed. This is crucial in attaining our aim of value-based service delivery and hence fulfilling customers’ requirements.

Cargo expedition partners of Hert Transport

To Meet the Goal, We Have Partnered with the Best Companies

The following renowned companies proudly work with the Hert Transport. The partners support us in a number of ways like cargo storage, trucks repair, and fuel suppliers. Read through to find out more.

Hert Transport’s Partners

Groupe Cat

Hert Transport partners with Groupe Cat to fulfill fluid car transport between different countries. Since we give door-to-door vehicle transportation services to different countries, we commit to make swift deliveries. Groupe Cat is well positioned to help us in the sector. Their systems connect to the European Custom Authorities, and with the partnership, we get instant and fluid exchange of goods. Often times, we need to store cargo in our freight transport endeavors. The Groupe Cat hosts one of the most secure storage yards and warehouses in different locations in Europe. And as one of our partner logistic companies, they keep our cargo safe in the storage locations.


GEFCO acts as our regulatory watch in cargo expedition transit. The company is reputable for good fiscal representation. And as a company that conducts business in different nations, GEFCO handles that for us. They conduct legal VAT registration for the countries where we offer cargo transport. GEFCO has a bilingual team that makes communication with different authorities to make the process simplified. More so, the company manages our VAT online via I-VAT to make sure correct and reliable VAT communication with different authorities.


Lohr is another core partner who makes sure our cargo expedition runs smoothly. Our partnership program is such that the company handles all technical aspects of our car delivery trucks. Lohr team of experts repair all the hitches experienced in our freight transport. We consult with them when in need of any maintenance, spare part price inquiry, or spare parts delivery. Their technical assistance from a team of 230 experts goes a long way in ensuring our cargo transport trucks are road-worthy. Lohr transport also provides training to our team of technicians.


AS24 powered by Total is another important partner on the road. Our car delivery services team make their way through the roads of Europe, the US, and Russia. The best part about AS24 is that they are always there to power us with fuel. Their service stations spread across all these states, and their services are available 24-7, 365 days a year. Our team of professional and reliable transporters makes use of the network to improve our mobility on the European roads.