Cargo Expedition in Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm Freight transport

Do you need vehicle transportation services near the Stockholm area? If so, Hert Transport is here for you! We operate in Europe, Russia, and Scandinavia and we aim to provide the highest-quality car delivery and freight transport. Our customer base is large and widespread because of our great delivery times and wonderful customer service. The vehicles our company handles are never damaged in any way during transport. If you need fast, high-end vehicle transportation services, Hert Transport in Stockholm can give you exactly what you need.

Cargo expedition in Stockholm, Sweden

Who Uses Hert Transport Car Delivery Service?

Our customers come from varying backgrounds and companies. Therefore word has spread quickly about our premium car transport. Another factor that contributes to our varied consumers is our varied services. We don’t just transport new cars or only for car companies. That is to say, private customers use our car delivery service frequently to transport cars to new locations. Car transport is available for both old and new cars, so call us for any cargo expeditions you need. We value all of our customers, corporations, and individuals alike, and aim to give them the service they deserve.

Stockholm Cargo Expedition

The vehicles used by Hert Transport are reliable and safe for car transport. They go through frequent inspections to test road-worthiness so you must have no worries. Above all that our drivers are vigilant in checking to make sure their loads are secure. Most importantly our loading team is also well-versed in securing all types of vehicles. So anytime your cars are on a cargo expedition, you can be sure they will be safe on our trucks.

Stockholm Cargo Transport Fleet Tracking

Hert Transport also has fleet transport tracking for fleet managers to track large numbers of trucks. This means we know exactly where your shipment is at all times. Our fleet tracking functionality is one of the things that sets us apart from other logistics companies. Knowing where your shipment is located is important to you, and therefore important to us.

Vehicle Transportation Services

We have many different cargo transport options for our varied customers. Our vehicles range in size from one-car transporters to ten-car trucks. All of our car delivery services are completed by professional employees with great training. Our partnership with our world-class cargo expedition partners helps us achieve our common goals.

Why not Other Logistics Companies?

You should choose Hert Transport in Stockholm because we care about our customers. Your shipments will always be our priority and we will do everything we can to deliver your automobiles safely. Contact us today to have the greatest freight transport service at your fingertips.