Cargo Expedition and Car Delivery in Berlin, Germany

Cargo Expedition in Berlin

Hert Transport is a cargo expedition company with decades of car shipping experience across Europe and Russia. The company is a three-brothers family venture established in 1994. Since then, the company relies on top-notch and trustworthy vehicle transportation services. Hert Transport has moved under the management of three generations.

Cargo expedition in Berlin, Germany

Loyal customer base

And as our services have expanded, our ability has broadened as we now offer different solutions to various customer requests. We take pride in maintaining a loyal customer base since time immemorial while building good relationships with our clients. Therefore our company believes in delivering high-quality services.

Freight transport services

Hert Transport offers wide car delivery services to business and individual clients. Whether you want to transport a single vehicle or a fleet of up to ten vehicles, we can handle that. Our team of knowledgeable and trustworthy professionals has experience in handling cargo expedition services across the major routes of Berlin.

Cargo transport for both new and used vehicles

We implement the latest technology for uploading vehicles to our transport trucks. After uploading, our pros strap the vehicles well to ensure safe delivery no matter the destination in Berlin. You can, therefore, be certain of a professional and safe car delivery service. Our professional team has years of experience in such car transport needs all over Berlin.  Do you need cargo expedition services from Berlin that cover thousands of kilometers? Well, don’t worry! That is what Hert Transport does day in day out since 1994.

Safe, honest, and fast cargo expedition

We achieve this by ensuring some key protocols that we never fail to follow. We hire an honest, outstanding, and competitive team. Our experienced trainers take the hired staff through some of the crucial freight transport aspects. This way, what the company has learned in 24 years in the cargo transport business is not lost. It is just transferred from one team to the other.

We employ the latest technology used in vehicle transportation services provided today. The progress made on the ease and safety in cargo expeditions is therefore within our reach. This way, we can deliver a quality service to you. What’s more – our team normally checks the state of our transportation trucks before and after each cargo expedition.

Reach us at ease

Wherever your location is in Berlin, have your car delivery handled by us. Book a cargo expedition with minutes. Call our customer support to book a cargo expedition, receive a quote, and follow the state of your delivery.  We have a team of friendly customer care ready to respond to any needs you have. Get in touch with us now to get your car delivered in Berlin or anywhere else without a single scratch.