Cargo Expedition and Car Delivery Service in Munich, Germany

The Hert Transport presents reputable cargo expedition services in Munich, Germany. Our company was founded in 1994. What started as a mere family business venture has evolved and is on the third generation now. Overall three-decade car delivery experience has expanded our abilities now offering up to nine vehicle delivery services at a go. We pride in maintaining a value-based approach in every project. Hert Transport is relied upon across Europe. We are now delighted to announce you can rely on us for a cargo expedition in Munich, Germany.

Book your cargo expedition with us

Hert Transport has brought the cargo expedition to your fingertips with the help of technology. Our experienced cargo expedition crew is ready to transport your vehicle. Whether in Berlin, Frankfurt, or anywhere in Munich, we will be glad to handle your cargo. Our company transports single vehicles or a fleet of up to nine cars. We have been involved in cargo transport in Munich for decades. We take pride in understanding all of the major routes in town. Hence, we use route knowledge for freight transport to benefit our clients. 

Cargo expedition in Munich, Germany

Secure and dependable freight transport services

You can trust us with your cargo. We use the strictest models to hire trustworthy, professional, and capable employees. Starting from packing to transporting and finally delivering the cargo, our team has proved exemplarily capable. More so, we offer car delivery service trucks to keep them in the best state possible. This way, we transport cargo smoothly with no hitches on the way. Checking truck breaks, oil, tires and everything before and after every cargo expedition has enabled our transport company to deliver. Our professional crew follows all cargo transport requirements. Over the years, the protocols have proved crucial in enabling the package to reach our clients with no problems.

Hert Transport provides the utmost car delivery status all along. Whatever the destination of your cargo in Munich, we’ve employed the latest innovative technology to know its location anytime. Above all that, our joint venture with our prestigious partners enables the quickest and safest possible delivery of your vehicles.

It’s now simple to get our cargo expedition services

All clients in Munich, Germany can now get our services with just a click. We consider the busy schedules and are keen to make it simpler to get our services. As the business started, we received orders through personal contacts and later by phone contact. We make it possible for everyone in Munich to make a land freight transport request right from their comfort zone.

Our rates are honest, affordable, and competitive

Hert Network provides access to a vast array of reputable carriers at convenient prices. We will provide you with a quote, upfront, with no hidden charges. Simply click the ‘Request Offer’ button present on our main website. Fill through the details, including but not limited to the location of the cargo and its destination. So have peace of mind leave everything to us!