Cargo expedition and Car Delivery in Prague, Czech

Cargo Expedition Services in Prague

We are an international cargo expedition company located in Prague. With over 24 years of experience, we bring a reliable and professional car delivery service to you. Hert Transport was founded in 1994 as a small freight transport company. By now not only it has evolved to provide services across continents. The company was a three brothers’ business venture. Over time, the company has evolved for three generations. We take pride in expanding our abilities to help give the best services to our clients. Even though we have expanded, the core through which this venture began is maintained. We first ensure we lay a good relationship foundation with our clients and later deliver quality service.

Cargo Expedition by Hert Transport

Take advantage of our quality freight transport services and have your cargo delivered straight to your door. The Hert Transport vehicle transportation services are relied on as the simplest and most reliable by our clients who come back from all over Prague. We are masters of car delivery, and our jobs start by loading your vehicle into secured car decks. Our experienced and world-class employees will then drive transport trucks in the meandering dense roads of Prague. Your vehicles are delivered at your desired destination absolutely safe and secure.

Cargo expedition in Prague, Czech

We provide more than car delivery

As one of the top reliable logistic companies, we provide more than car delivery. We are flexible and can handle cargo expedition too. Get in touch with our team with any cargo transport needs. We work with experienced and trustworthy transport agents, who will advise you on the availability of our transport trucks. No matter what your cargo expedition needs, we come up with an adaptable approach to ensure that what you require. Therefore we do everything possible to ensure that your car delivery need is met hassle-free.

Why us?

Choose us for what we are and what we stand for.  We focus on you and are ready to make whatever needs you have come true. If you’re looking for a trustworthy partner in the field of cargo and car transport then look no further. Hert Transport is financially stable and hence our sound financial management will be core to our relationship.

Straight from the start, know the state of your cargo expedition. Hert Transport’s self-service gives clients the ability to track and trace their cargo. We have put up a reliable online system to smoothen the vehicle transportation services. You can contact us to know the state of your cargo from when an order is made. In addition to that, you’ll be kept informed until it will be delivered to the final destination. You can get in touch with our staff to easily book a car delivery service. Otherwise, get a quote by simply sending us a message.

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Reach us today by the click of a button! Get to work with renowned cargo expedition services professionals in Prague. We are available 24-7 for all your car transport needs. How may we assist? Feel free to contact us.