Cargo Expedition and Car Delivery in Vilnius, Lithuania

Cargo Expedition in Vilnius - Car Delivery by Hert Transport

Do you need vehicles transported? Are you looking for a quality cargo expedition company? Then Hert Transport in Vilnius can help you. Hert Transport has freight transport services in Europe and Russia, and we work to make every car delivery as easy as possible. We are commended by our customer base for our helpful staff and on-time deliveries. If you need the best in-car transport, Hert Transport is the company for you.

Cargo expedition in Vilnius, Lithuania

Does Hert Only Offer Commercial Cargo Expedition?

Hert offers many types of transport, and we don’t restrict our business to commercial companies. We offer vehicle transportation services for a variety of private clients as well. We also offer assorted sizes of cargo transports as well. Our transport vehicles range from one-car transports to ten-car semis. If you need any vehicles moved, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our wonderful team will help you obtain high-quality cargo expeditions no matter your situation.

Vilnius Car Transport Safety

A common question voiced among potential clients is how we guarantee their vehicles stay safe. For many of our customers, the vehicles in our cargo expeditions are of significant importance to them. Some worry that their automobiles may not be safe. You don’t have to worry about losing your vehicle with Hert in Vilnius though. We have many precautions put in place to prevent damage or theft of vehicles we handle.

One of the ways we ensure vehicle safety during car delivery is by putting our drivers through rigorous training. Each member of our driving team is tested thoroughly to be sure they can navigate professionally with our cargo vehicles. We also check up on each of our drivers periodically to be sure there are no issues with freight transport.

Loading and Unloading of Vehicles

Another area of our service that we take many precautions with is our unloading and loading process.  We know that unloading and loading can cause damage to vehicles if not done right. Therefore we take care to train our team well to offer you the best possible services. Every member of our cargo expedition crew must go through a detailed training process before we allow them to handle your vehicles. We have many protocols put in place for how to secure the vehicles so they aren’t damaged during freight transport.

Cargo Expedition Transport Vehicles

Our trucks are tested for roadworthiness before every delivery, so you can be sure your automobiles will be safe. Our vehicle transportation services require a variety of vehicle sizes for deliveries. We have single car transports, ten-car semis, and everything in-between. Our vehicles are reliable and will help us get your cars delivered safely and on time.

Why is Hert Transport the Best Choice?

At our company, we put our best efforts into all our car delivery services. Our team at Vilnius is professional and qualified, so your vehicles will be delivered promptly and safely. With over three decades in the industry, we could bring you the best cargo expedition services. Join our customer base today and transport your cars with ease.